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Trust is the first step to happiness. The junior staff trust in their superiors, whom are respectful to them. When everyone is regarded with fairness, the workplace becomes a happy place.

Hyundai Mseat organizes a meeting between each rank members twice a year (once per semester). This allows the directors to hear the voice of every company member, his/her opinions, in order to make our company a better place to work altogether in mutual respect and trust.

From job-related worries to life coaching, we also provide a 1:1 mentoring to our staff members since the beginning of their career, taking a step forward and helping them setting their working life with us.

Thanks to the implementation of a KPI system, Hyundai Mseat reinforces trust between its directors and employees. This KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is applied in 4 domains where the team chiefs are consulted by each one of their team members. The goal and its results are discussed during these consultations, which consists of giving an objective assessment about performance evaluation.

The HWP bulletin board is a space where our employees post messages about their distresses, difficulties, as well as suggestions. The manager replies to them in real time. Since IP tracking is not possible, anonymity is guaranteed and ensure a honest communication between our employees and their managers.

  • Happy work place - Trust
  • Happy work place - Pride
  • Happy work place - Fun