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Power train production process

Explanations in video
  • 1. Foam pads

    The foam pads are made by pouring materials in a mold and making the seat shape.

  • 2. Cushion/back frame assembly

    A cover is placed over each seat, and the back frame is assembled to it.
    *Torque checking process

  • 3. External parts addition

    Seats are automatically conveyed to another room where external parts such as covers and levers are assembled.

  • 4. heating(wrinkle removal)

    Then they are moved to jet steaming, ironing and UV heating booths in order to remove any wrinkle from them.

  • 5. Control and full length testing

    In a soundproof room, the seats are tested to sound and full-length use.

  • 6. Release

    After last examination and packing, finished products are sent to our automated warehouse and then sent to our client companies.

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