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심볼마크 (Symbolmark)

현대엠시트는 현대(HYUNDAI) 다이나믹(DYNAMIC) 모터(MOTOR) 시스템(SYSTEM)의 약자로서, 자동차 부품 전문회사로서의 기업 컨셉을 담고 있습니다.


With its new name, the 'M' of Hyundai Mseat stands for 'with Motherly care', 'Mind', 'Mount', 'Moto' and 'AutoMotive'. Like a mother, we develop car seats of the best quality for a warmer and more soothing world. With all our heart, our company thrives with mutual trust and harmony among our labor force, with a rising name as we keep progressing in the world. Furthermore, this is reinforced with our natural skills and specialization in auto parts, wrapped up in an international image.

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로고타입 (Logotype)

Hyundai Mseat's logo type is designed with our special writing "Hyundai Harmony" in medium. Random changes with the font, space between letters etc, is prohibited.

현대엠시트 국문 사명
현대엠시트 영문 사명

색상 (Color)

Colors are codified according to rules that ensure a clear expression and management in the image of the symbol mark.

primary colors
HYUNDAI BLUE - PANTONE 288C, Printed Color - PANTONE 288C, Process Color
								- C100+m70+K30, RGB Color - R0+G40+B122, HEX Code - 00287A, Web Color - 000066
* Hyundai blue is the base color and must be respected during printing. If the integrity of this color is not possible in some media, then CMYK color separation must be applied. In the case of visual media such as websites, TV etc, that implies a monitor, designated RGB, HEX code, web color values must be used.

오용사례 (Incorrect Usage)

Prohibited uses of Hyundai Mseat's symbol mark must be avoided, and its reproduction shall comply with the regulation. An incorrect usage would be harmful to the image of Hyundai Mseat, create distortions in the communication and result in bad consequences for the company, a strict observance of these rules are primary.

  • The logo type cannot be used if application of the upper left corner is above 60%
  • Changing proportions of the symbol mark is not allowed.
  • Applying an inclination to the symbol mark is not allowed.
  • Combining the company's name with its signature is prohibited.
  • Except for a combination of standards, composing is to be avoided.
  • The symbol mark cannot be replaced with any hand-drawn version.
  • The use of others colors than the ones designed is not authorized.
  • Happy work place - Trust
  • Happy work place - Pride
  • Happy work place - Fun