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System of Management Philosophy

Since incorporated, Hyundai Motor Group has succeeded the group’s unique spirits & values and accordingly fulfilled such spirits & values, thereby attaining a sustainable growth.

The ‘Management Philosophy System’, which embraces the group’s core values and vision, is a nucleus for every employee’s vision & goal for a better tomorrow.We share our Management Philosophy, Vision & Core Values with our concerned parties to fulfill our obligations & promises.


  • Management Philosophy
  • Core Values
  • Vision

We are committed to creating a new future and realizing the dream for mankind through creative thinking & incessant challenges.

Based on its Management Philosophy - “We are committed to creating a new future and realizing the dream for mankind through creative thinking & incessant challenges.”, Hyundai Motor Group has implemented a wide variety of business activities in order to make sizeable contribution to the society and thus become an admired corporation.

Management Philosophy - Core Concept

Unlimited Liability Spirit
The "Unlimited Liability Spirit" is a fundamental foothold for the growth of Hyundai Motor Group.
The responsibility & commitment toward Hyundai people and vendor employees has been the foundation for its global success while its unlimited liability for each customer’s safety & happiness has been reflected to the quality management.
The corporate responsibility toward Hyundai people and its customers lingers onto the society. For a better tomorrow for everyone, Hyundai Motor Group has always been devoted to high quality and customer satisfaction during its globalization process. Furthermore, the Group has entrenched an eco-friendly resource recycling system from ingot to motor vehicle. The "Unlimited Liability Spirit" of Hyundai Motor Group will be delivered to every society.
Attainment of Possibility
Hyundai Motor Group never gets satisfied with its present position. Dare to face some failure, the Group is willing to undergo various challenges in order to attain every possibility. We have challenged numerous impossibilities and made them come true.
Hyundai Motor Group has made its inroad into the North American automotive industry, developed an in-house automotive engine, built the nation’s first full-line steel mill, constructed ten nuclear reactors simultaneously, developed a high-speed (300km/hr) train, and so forth. That is, the Group has been the First, the Greatest and the Best in many areas. Hyundai Motor Group will not get satisfied with its up-to-date success but continue to accept diverse challenges for a better tomorrow.
Care for Mankind
What does the 'Going Concern' concept really mean? Safe & convenient cars, fast trains, advanced technologies, high-tech buildings and others would be meaningless without any human. Spurred by its ‘Unlimited Liability Spirit’ and ‘Attainment of Possibility’ spirits, Hyundai Motor Group will make its dream ‘Care for Mankind’ come true. Hyundai Motor Group will try to provide better products & services to more people in order to make sizeable contribution to the society. In addition, the Group will try to create new values and continue to make its best efforts to realize the dream for every mankind.
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